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This popular Punjabi actress widley popular as Charu while her real name is Surveen Chawla.She is belong to Chandigarh city where her father was working as a business man.  During her initial stage of her carer she worked mainly in Punjabi movies however Chawla also worked in Telugu and Hindi language as well.

She enter her first step in movie industry from the film During 2009 to 2012 Surveen worked in total 4 movies. However the best career year for Surveen Chawla is 2013 year in which she worked in 10+ movies.  Surveen recently participitated in the dance show “Ek khiladi ek haseena” with cricketer Sreesant. Apart from her film career surveen is also appeared in various commercial ads and covers of different magazines.   Currently she is working in one of the popular tv show Comedy Circus.  Have a look to the latest biography of Surveen Chawla here.

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