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Ihana Dhillon Biography And New Wallpapers

Dhillon back to her motherland to pursue her career in modelling.Because of her finesse and aptitude for professionalism she started getting offers from various advertising agencies. Since 2009 Ihana never looked back, with her hard work and ethics she earned the status of one of the most desired models of Delhi. Dhillon has done various TVC's like DLF, Microsoft, Philips, Bata, Samsung and Maruti Suzuki (Ritz). Many Corporate Ads with Hotels like the Radisson, Taj, Ananda's, GP Greens and the Crown Plaza. Dhillon was among some of the most popular models, and a ubiquitous presence on magazine covers, runways, and in fashion campaigns. She was repeatedly and frequently featured on the cover of many magazines, including: Femina, Wedding Affair and Cosmo.

Dhillon in known to have done the catwalk exclusively for various designers nationally and internationally which cultivated to various shoots with fashion designers such as Tarun Tehlani, Sabyasachi and JJ Vallaya.

She debuted as a leading actress in a Punjabi Movie for Speed Records "Daddy Cool Munde Fool" which released on 12 April 2013. While enjoying the box office success of the film, Dhillon bagged a main lead role in Puneet Sira's Ji Karda Directed by Vikram Dhillon.

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