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The moment that are always fresh in your mind, is your early life and the childhood of Japji was simply enjoyable. She was born the Sudh Desi place of India that is none other than Punjab. She reached the phase of maturation in the land of coral reef i.e. Australia. Later on she migrated to India with the hope to see her ancestor and settled out at Punjab before 2006 when she for the first time won the title of Miss World Punjaban 2006 that was conducted in the developed town of Punjab, Ludhiana. And, with this the passion of becoming a renowned face in the modelling got enhanced and broke out the records of several beauty contests with her confident ramp walk and perfect answer for every question that was asked by the jury.

Career Life

With this her journey for glam in the film industry got started. She for the first signed her debut movie in the Punjabi movie “Mitti Wajaan Maardi” in which she play the leading female role of Preet who was the love of Harbajan Mann starring in the male lead role. Howsoever, the movie was not able to impress the audience and therefore made a huge loss. Due to which the Japji recognition little bit got vanished and she had to sit down for 3 years without any work. Then in the year 2011, she made her debut in the cameo role that she played in “Dharti”. This supporting role proved to be little bit luckier for her and then she started her roller coaster ride by signing the movies like Singh vs Kaur and many more. Moreover, during this phase of her life she was even seen in guest appearance. “Ishq Brandy” is the latest Punjabi featuring movie that has would surprise the audience with new zeal of comedy.

Ruby Kaur

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