Jassi Gill New Hd Wallpapers

Melodious voice of Jassi Gill, the youngest singer of Punjabi Music Industry, has reached the hearts of million people. He has made every single person to croon his song “LANCER” from his album Batchmate2. The song actually wooed the audience especially for its lyrics. In this song Lyricist Narinder Batth has made really a deep analysis between a middle class boy and a high profile girl. Another amorous song of Jassi Gill from Batchmate 2 “ve mai teri je na hoyi” was liked by many people and he piled many good wishes from his fans.

Jassi Gill basically belongs to village Jandali (Ludhiana). His love for music and singing pushed his steps towards music industry officially. Prof Narinder Dhiman, jassi’s college Teacher polished his singing skills to make him a complete package. His father Mr. S. Gurminder Singh always supported him for his singing passion.

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