Pakistan Girls In Tight Salwar Suit Photos

 one of the hottest, sexiest and TV actress from United States born on October 21st 1980 in CA, USA. Kim did her graduation in 1998 from Marymount High School which is located in Los Angeles. Just after 2 year of her graduation Kim married to Damon Thomas who is a music producer in United State.

Her first TV show was ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ released in 2007 year while her first movie was ‘Kim Kardashian: Superstar’ which was an adult movie released in 2003 year.

Interesting Facts & History

During 2010 Kardashian wear wired fur dressed in an occasion and she was nominated for the worst dressed person of 2010 year.

She don’t like to have alcohal.r

Kim has a shoe company that works online –

Kim also nominated for the Razzie awards for the year 2009

In 2006, she was also named for the highest earning women of Hollywood based reality star
One very interesting fact of her, she sleep with her slightly open eyes

Ruby Kaur

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