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Indian tennis player Sania Mirza born to sports journalist father Imran Mirza and mother Naseema who works in printing business on 15 November, 1986 in Mumbai. Although born in the business capital of India in Mumbai, Sania grown up in Hyderabad in a religious Muslim family. She has younger sister named Anam. Sania has done schooling from Nasr School, Hyderabad and graduation from St. Mary's College. Her father and other family members coached her to play tennis.

At the early age of six, Sania began playing tennis. However she made her debut to professional circuit at the age of 16 in 2003. She was forced to play tennis in her childhood by her mother. Sania was used to go for swimming, passing tennis courts every day. One day her mother asked her why don't you play tennis in summer vacation because she had nothing to do except swimming for an hour or whatever? That's what impulse Sania to hold racket in her hand. Another turn in Sania Mirza's life to take tennis seriously is when her coach called her parents to say he'd never seen a player that good at such a young age. No wonder her powerful game made her favorite sports person in India.

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