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Sunny Leone Becomes The Most Searched Bollywood Celebrity in the World Mumbai: In a record number of 3.5 crore times, Bollywood actress was searched online in December 2012. From the time Sunny Leone came to India and Bollywood, she is topping all the popularity polls. So it comes as no surprise as she became the World’s most searched Bollywood celebrity.Sunny was so excited when she was asked to participate in the Rohit Verma runway show! Sunny’s has worn a few of Rohit’s dresses and just loves his sense of style. “I feel like royalty when i’m wearing one of his dresses” says Sunny.This is one of our favorite photo sets that Sunny did a while back. If you LOVE to see Sunny like this be sure to leave comments. If we get enough we’ll post some images from a few recent photo shoots in the same style!

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