Tamil Actress Sona Hot Sexy Photos & Images

Full name :Sona Heiden

Native : Chennai

Debut : Sivapathikaaram

Turning Point : Pathu Pathu

Marital Status : Unmarried

Language : Kannada,Telugu,Tamil

Sona Heiden was born on 13 June 1979 in Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India.Her father is an Anglo Indian (French origin)and her mother is a Tamil.She has started her schooling in her home city Chennai at Lusarus Road convent school.She has completed her graduation in commerce from Anna University.Later she has completed her fashion & designing marketing Advanced diploma from Madurai Kamraj University .Sona Heiden's height is 5'6.

 Sona Heiden is an Indian film actress and model. She was Miss South India in 2002,became famous for her spicy item songs in tamil movies.Recently she launched a fashion store Unique in Chennai with Shilpa Shetty gracing the launch.

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