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Bishamber Das has always been a plus size women from as far as she can remember. She grew up in exceptionally difficult circumstances as a child and felt the only way to escape was by turning to food. Soon after her relationship with food became abusive she gained a substantial amount of weight. It was in 2012 when Bishamber decided to take drastic steps and change her life in order to reduce her weight as this was having great effects on her health. One of Bishambers greatest achievements was loosing over 5 and a half stone in just over a year. 

This gave her real confidence and she decided then that she wanted to find a way to share her experience with the world. Bishamber took part in a beauty pageant in the UK as the only plus size women and was crowned the 2nd runner up. After a number of incidents Bishamber decided to drop her title and any association with the pageant. Bishamber has successfully been on a number of interviews around the UK with the BBC and other recognised tabloids and channels. Bishamber continues to lobby her campaign on her own and has a number of exciting projects lined up.

Bishamber Das is constantly working hard to break barriers and perceptions of plus size women around the world. Being a young British Asian women herself she is by far familiar with the prejudices women of south Asian communities face. Bishamber aims to positively challenge these perceptions and create a platform for plus size women from all walks of life to come together and celebrate female empowerment.

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