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As she entered into the film industry, her first target was to provide good quality songs to her fans. She also took care of her weight and lost 12 kilos. This happened through regular jogging and work outs. She also increased the level of her wardrobe. She was having a secret dream of herself as she wants to watch her as a Bollywood Actress. She was having some offers at that time but she also had to sing songs for the films for which she was contracted. She also aimed always to sing better in her life.   She was at the age of 18 when she was married to choreographer and director Bobby Khan. She worked with him in the music album Pehla Nasha. There was a rumor that the couple married secretly at a ceremony. It was also attended by her friends and the marriage was under security. She was very happy after her marriage and she called her husband as her support in an interview that she attended after her marriage.

This marriage was really spitted the sisters and family members from her. They disowned her and she was no more a child to them. As a result, after a year, the couple was separated from each other and then she did not go to her parents. She was taken care by her mentor and famous Television Anchor and actor, Annu Kapoor. He took care of her with his wife, Arunita. She also filed the divorce case against her husband and they were finally separated from each other. It all happened in a year after the marriage itself. Later on in the year 2012, she tied knot with her friend of child and music composer, Hitesh Sonik. The reception was attended by very few people of the industry that were close to her like Asha Bhosle, Alka Yagnik, Konkana Sen Sharma and others.

Ruby Kaur

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