Vishakha Thakur And Sara Gurpal

Vishakha Thakur is very gorgeous Punjabi actress and model. Everybody love to see Vishakha thakur in Songs as model. Birth date of Vishakha Thakur is 6th January, 1993, Shimla, Himachal Pardesh. She completed his studies from Himachal Pardesh University Shimla.

In Chandigarh during the contest Vishakha Thakur was liked by the audience because of his beautiful belly danceperformance. She is very skilled in the belly dance.

She started her career to fulfilling her dreams with starting a contest which is held by clean and clear. She was the winner of Chandigarh contest and after winning she was participate to the Bombay contest and win that contest also.

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Ruby Kaur

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