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Preet Hundal , Hundal mohali wala , Musician, Lyricist,Biography and full personal Information of Preet hundal, Full and real name of hundal mohali wala...Preet Hundal is a very famous and popular Punjabi singer and Lyricist. 

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Basically he belongs to Mohali. He is very famous with his nick name “Hundal Mohali wala”. In many Punjabi songs, we are listing this name. From the last 10 Years he worked in Punjabi music industry. More than 50 Songs are Released on YouTube,iTunes & Tv Channels his First Track Was "Kalyug Feat A-Kay" in Which Music & Lyrics  by preet hundal This song  got More Than 400k Hits on YouTube.

After this song he gave music and Lyrics to very famous Punjabi song “Munda iPhone Warga”. This songs sung by A Kay.He gave Lyrics and music many Punjabi songs like Selfian , Munda Iphone Warga and many more.

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