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Mankirt Aulakh Singer Biography Info– Mankirt Aulakh belongs toPunjab. The family of this talented singer wanted to get ninja conventional education and work to support the family. But on the other hand, Mankirt Aulakh has a great passion of singing. Then he decided to become a singer and start singing for his passion towards his dream. He is very close to his parents and he always takes advice from his parents regarding any problem. He truly amazed the viewers with his brilliant voice, dedication towards his work and down to earth behavior.
In Juggadi Jatt Song– He had gained popularity with the song “Juggadi Jatt” which was written by  Mankirt Aulakh.The beautiful song was directed by , one of the famous directors in Pollywood industry.The song is just fantastic and is getting positive user response. The song lyrics are truly speechless and needs hats off to the writer of song for such a brilliant composition.
Famous songs Sung by Ninja

  • Jaggadi Jatt
  • Jatt Da Blood
  • Chaarda Seyaal
  • Gallan Mithiyan

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