Miss Pooja Hd Images And Pictures Collection 2016

Miss Pooja started her career with Darshan Khella and released the album Jaan to Piyari. It was released in January 2006. Since then, she has recorded duets with other artists on over 3,000 songs and has released over 350 albums. From 2007 until now, she has toured Canada, United States, India, Europe, and Australia performing in live concerts. In 2009, her first solo album was Romantic Jatt. In 2010, her first two films were Panjaban and "Channa Sachi Muchi". In 2012, she shot a music video for the song "Shona Shona" in Hong Kong from her third solo album called Jattitude that was released on the same year. In 2013, her third film was "Pooja Kiven Aa".

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