Neeru Bajwa Pregnant Photos And Pictures

The biggest news now is that the beautiful actor of Punjabi Cinema Neeru Bajwa is Pregnant. Yes! you've got scan it right! She is before long to become a mother of a baby. This news concerning her physiological condition has been confirmed by the trust worthy sources.Neeru Bajwa is Pregnant is on one facet a issue of Shock and also the different facet a issue of Happiness.

It is socking as a result of her wedding had been unbroken a secret from her fans and currently once around half dozen months of her wedding, we have a tendency to get to grasp that Neeru Bajwa is Pregnant. however on identical hand news concerning her physiological condition may be a news of happiness as she is before long to feature a replacement member to her family.

The Mother-to-be will be doing her next coming Punjabi flick “Tere Bina” in her physiological condition condition. during this flick, Neeru Bajwa is Pregnant. The shooting of the film can begin by the start of this month in Canada. Directed by Pankaj Batra, the flick are created below Neeru Bajwa’s house production Neeru Bajwa diversion and Mystery Man Productions. during this flick, Binnu Dhillon and Jaswinder Bhalla are taking part in an important role.

Neeru Bajwa’s Secret wedding with Harry Jawandha Back in Feb, the actor Neeru got in secret married with a businessmen Harry Jawandha. Harry resides in Canada and owns a Taxi company. All the main points concerning her wedding and her husband has been unbroken a secret. At PTC Punjabi Film Awards, Neeru Bajwas was accompanied together with her sister Rubina Bajwa and her husband Harry Jawandha, however at that point nobody had a clue concerning her secret wedding. And now, once half dozen months of secret wedding, her fans ar aware of her wedding.
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