Anmol Gagan Maan Selfie Photos 2016

Anmol Gagan Maan Alongh with excellent name she is having amazing personality, Punjabi’s living throughout the World are happy with her folk and graceful singing.Being a girl to play Tumbi ancient music instrument of Punjab, takes her to some differenheights.It feels that our culture is running inher nerves.The technique of stage singing for this beautiful singer is very attractive.

Anmol is having vast personality, Whereas singing, music and sports are natural part of her life, at the same time she is having hobby of writing poems, songs and essay on human psychology. she has released her book “How to Be Real Human” This book is the sea of thoughts and ideas coming to her mind. Now a days it is very popular all over the world.Since her very childhood, she have been in the habit of thinking too deeply about human life.

Anmol says that she shall keep serving this rich and beautiful culture of Punjab till her last breath of life. She further told that she is having full sport of her parents & society, which is helping her to 
reach her goal swiftly.

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