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I am Nimratpal Kaur Khaira born on 22/12/1992 .My Artistic Name is Nimrat Khaira i am Winner of Voice of Punjab Season 3 Music is my Passion . I love Punjabi Language I will serve my culture with good music Thanks.

I am Nimratpal Kaur Khaira born on 22/12/1992 From Mustfapur Punjab.

She was born on 22 December, Singer Nimrat Khaira New Hd Pictures 1992. She was born at at Mustafur Punjab. She is basically belongs to Batala city of district Gurdaspur. She has done her schooling from DAV School, Batala in medical stream. She has born her graduation from HMV College Jalandhar in Biotechnology. With the fantastic son Rabb Karke she made her first debut.

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Ruby Kaur

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